Custom keyboards

NSI has all necessary mechanical and electrical design facilities available in order to meet specific customer requirements.


Custom designs include a large choice in :

  • Front layers (adding your logo, colours, country layout versions, key arrangements...)
  • Panel and housing materials (size, colour,finishing...)
  • Ball colours
  • Sealing grades
  • Backlit options
  • Switching technology
  • Output protocols
  • Cabling
  • Integrated pointing devices (trackballs, touchpads, joysticks,...)
  • Etc...


Ask for a noncomittal proposal. Fill out this request document and you will receive a detailed quotation.

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Speciality NSI : Flexible custom solutions, also for smaller quantities. Low development costs for custom designs. 


Examples "light customization"
  • Other (country) layout
  • Other key or housing colours
  • Backlit colours
  • Keyboards with logo
  • Small changes in carrier plate for panel-mount versions...
Examples "complete customization"
  • Custom frontlayer (keymatrix, dimension, backlight,…)
  • Custom housing (dimensions, colours, …)
  • Custom carrierplate
  • Custom keyboardinterface
  • Custom pointing device & interface



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