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NSI provides highly engineered "man-machine interfaces" for a variety of applications : industrial, marine, military, medical, public domain,... More specifically, we are focussed on high quality industrial keyboards and pointing devices. We offer an extensive standard productrange, but we are also specialised in customising industrial keyboards, trackballs and touchpads.

What do we offer ?
  • Industrial keyboards
  • Industrial trackballs / pointing devices
  • Extended standard range
  • Flexible custom solution
  • Quality products 

Why NSI ? 

  • High quality sealed products
  • Unique IP68 products
  • In-house extended temperature and humidity tests
  • Maintenance free products
  • Focussed
  • In house development 


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Our Mission : "We want to be a respected and leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality and technically advanced professional input systems."


Since 1986 we have delivered reliable solutions for demanding applications in various industries. Whatever your requirements, whatever your application, we want to make sure our keyboard, trackball or other input device will provide you the highest level of control and accuracy. Besides a large range of standard products, our dedicated team of development engineers enables us to deliver optimum custom products fulfilling your exact requirements. We regard close cooperation with our customers throughout the entire design and production process as the key point to a successful partnership and perfect solution.

Our reputation for quality and our strong focus on customer service have positioned us as a reliable and innovative supplier of input devices.




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