User manuals

User Manuals Keyboards

Keyboards without pointer

KBM36x     36 key handheld keyboard 
KST102x   102 key short travel 
KBM103x   Compact 103 key

Keyboards with trackball

KBMT26x     26 key handheld keyboard with 38 mm optical trackball 
KSTC36Fx   Commander 36 key 
KSTL105x   105 key short travel with 50mm trackball 
KBMT106x  106 key keyboard with 38mm ball
KBLT106x   106 key keyboard with 50mm ball 

Keyboards with other pointer

KBTS26x     26 key handheld keyboard with Thumbstick 
KSTP105x   105 key short travel with touchpad 
KBSP106x   106 key keyboard with touchpad 

Backlit keyboards

KSML106-LED  106 key LED backlit keyboard with 50mm trackball

User Manuals Pointing Devices

Trackball units

TBS25    Steel tb with 25mm black ball 
SBS25    Steel tb with 25mm ball 
TBS50    Steel tb with 50mm black ball 
SBS50    Steel tb with 50mm ball
TSA50    Steel tb with optical 50 mm black ball 
TSW50   Removable ball & Self-draining 
TBM34   Trackball  with 38mm ball 
TBL50    Trackball  with 50mm ball


SPM55    Touchpad membrane IP65 
SPS55    Touchpad Stainless steel IP68


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