Industrial keyboards

NSI designs and develops high quality keyboards which are dust- and waterproof, sealing up to IP67.

Industrial keyboards are designed for operation in harsh conditions.  They must  be protected against water, dust, dirt, oil and chemicals  They are common in HMI (Human Machine Interface) terminals, consoles, kiosks, medical carts and mobile devices.  They can be cleaned with industrial cleaners and chemicals.  Another feature of industrial keyboards is that they are designed to be perfectly integrated into your work environment.

NSI has an extended standard keyboard range and can also offer flexible custom solution.

General features NSI keyboards

  • Dedicated high quality keyboards 
  • Dust- and water sealed
  • IP65 and IP67 keyboards
  • Large standard product range
  • Specialist in backlit solutions
  • Technical knowledgde and support
  • Maintenance free products

See our keyboards for your industry 

....and all environments where a high quality keyboard is needed.

How to choose your industrial keyboard ? 

Your choice of keyboard depends on your application and can be based on :

  • Number of keys. Determine if you need numbers, letters, function keys (F1, F2) etc.  Most of our standard keyboard with full layout have 105 or 106 keys, but there are multiple configurations available with a variable number of keys.
  • Integrated pointing device (or not). We can provide a trackball, touchpad or mousebutton as a standard solution.
  • Desktop or panel mount format :  Desktop keyboards have an enclosure and are stand alone units.  Panel mount keyboards or built-in keyboards for easy integration into a panel or equipment.
  • Backlighting (or not) for use in low-light environments.
  • Protection standards : a good industrial keyboard must meet safety standards. We can offer an IP rating up to IP65 and IP67 sealing.  
  • Keyboard technology : Standardly we can offer short travel membrane keyboards, rugged full travel mechanical keyboards and silicon rubber keyboards.
  • Special industry requirements : IEC60945 marine certifications and MIL standard certifications
  • Connectivity : USB or PS/2.  Alternatively we can offer custom outputs.

                An overview of the standard possibilties : 

                panel mount  industrial keyboards

                Panel mount
                industrial keyboards

                Easy mountable keyboards.
                With or without covering bezel for edge protection

                desktop industrial keyboards

                industrial keyboards

                Keyboard with robust steel, stainless steel or high impact polystyrene enclosure

                Backlit industrial keyboards

                industrial keyboards

                Dimmable high brightness LED's . Low power LED's warrant for a long life

                Silicone rubber industrial keyboards

                Silicone rubber
                industrial keyboards

                IP67 sealed keyboard solutions

                Keyboards with trackball

                Keyboards with trackball

                Large range of standard keyboards integrating a high quality sealed trackball

                keyboards with touchpad

                Keyboards with touchpad

                Integrated touchpad, integrating multi-finger gestures, can be used with gloves

                Compact mobile industrial keyboards

                Compact mobile 
                industrial keyboards

                For compact space applications.  vehicle mount keyboards, VESA-mount keyboards,...

                Specific industry keyboards

                Specific standard keyboards

                Choose your industry and see which standard keyboards we can recommend

                Customized industrial keyboards

                Still haven't found a standard solution ?  No probem, NSI is specialised in adapting keyboards to your needs.  Please check our custom capabilities.

                Questions ? Or do you need help with your choice ?  Don't hesitate to contact us :

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