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We are a Belgian based company with over 30 years of experience in building keyboards, control panels, trackballs & touchpads for the most demanding jobs.  Our solutions are adapted to the needs of your industry and company, offering the highest control and accuracy.

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Flexible customized solutions for all your projects for keyboards, trackballs, control panels and other HMI devices. Branding with your logo.

NSI is now ISO 14001 certified


NSI is now ISO 14001 certified Our planet, our environment and our people are factors that are high on our minds at NSI. Therefore, we take our responsibility through an active environmental management. We have taken several actions to develop an appropriate environmental policy and to ensure the implementation. The concrete actions we are implementing include: Reducing gas consumption in our buildings.. Lowering the consumption of electricity.. Reduction of water use.. An active approach to reducing, sorting and recycling our waste.. .... We do our utmost every day to comply with these measures and have therefore obtained the ISO 14001 certification by the independent agency "TÜV Netherlands" So from now on, we are officially ISO 14001 certified. It is a great addition to our existing ISO 9001 certification, which we already achieved in 2013. Explanation of ISO 14001: "ISO 14001 is the most comprehensive environmental management and audit system for continuous improvement of environmental performance of companies and organisations and is valid throughout the world. It specifies requirements for your environmental management and includes the entire value chain. The standard is based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act model and assesses the environmental impacts of the processes and products of the certified organisation itself, but also upstream and downstream processes such as use of raw materials and logistics." - Source: TÜV Nord We are happy that our efforts are appreciated and will continue to do our part for a better world. The policy and the derived objectives are regularly assessed for their continued suitability for NSI. The ISO certifcates are also available on request. For more information you can always contact our responsible for quality assurance: Arne Plaghki - arne.plaghki@nsi-be.com

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A trackball without a cable is like an anchor without a chain. The anchor does its job, but I wouldn't trust it.


An article about wireless keyboards and trackballs solutions and our latest innovations.. At NSI, we dare to call ourselves specialists in keyboards and pointing devices. For more than 30 years, our developments have provided reliable solutions for the most demanding applications. To meet the strict requirements in our main markets, our top priority is to deliver only solutions that you can rely on for their robustness and reliability. We are regularly asked why we do not (yet) supply wireless keyboards or trackballs. On this we can be clear and honest: a wireless technology is not (yet) 100% reliable in our main industries, while this is just one of our top priorities at NSI. It is our main focus to deliver only outstanding solutions that you can fully rely on, even in harsh conditions. Or as we also say: A trackball without a cable is like an anchor without a chain. The anchor does its job, but I wouldn't trust it.But at NSI we continue to innovate, so we can hereby inform that we are working on reliable wireless systems. Of course, we have to take some important things into consideration to ensure we deliver the quality you expect from us: Can 100% reliability be guaranteed?. What about the power supply in the device?. What about the high or low working temperatures and humid environments?. Does wireless continue to work with several other electrical systems in the same environment?. . . So in any case, we are confident of our wired products, but we continue to innovate! For example, one of our latest developments that we are quite proud of is the trackball below: the ambidextrous trackball. It is a completely new development together with our partner Cursor Controls: Usable for both right- and left-handed users. High resolution sensor. Innovative touch scroll pad. Ceramic bearingsAnd guess what... it's wired!. . . This trackball is our latest new development, which we are delighted to say it will very shortly be undergoing IEC60945 marine certification. It promises to be a great addition to our marine solutions and a unique product in the maritime market. If you want more information or to be kept up to date with our NSI developments:, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to provide the necessary details.

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CIRM - Our contribution to the newsletter of July 2022


We are a proud member of CIRM (Comité International Radio-Maritime - The International Association for Marine Electronics Companies). Last friday the summer newsletter was sent and we had the opportunity to make our contribution with an article about NSI. We want to give you the chance to read this article too, so we are posting it on our own blog: The most demanding jobs ask for the most reliable solutions.Let’s take a deep dive into the world of maritime keyboards, pointing devices and control panels.. Requirements for maritime applications are demanding. More and more regulations are coming, mandatory tests and certifications are indispensable, and in the maritime world, all components simply have to meet the highest standards. Parts must be protected against water, dust, dirt, oil and even chemicals. Therefore a deep technical knowledge is needed to find the right solutions for operations in challenging conditions. These requirements also apply for keyboards, trackballs and control panels. Therefore, our company NSI has fully committed itself to meet the highest level of control, accuracy and quality in this niche market. Since 1988 NSI provides reliable solutions for the demanding applications in various industries. One of our largest markets is the maritime and marine sector. With more than 30 years of experience you can say we are a reliable supplier of all kinds of input devices. Input devices can be understood as various products: keyboards, trackballs, joysticks, touchpads, control panels, radar & ECDIS control panels and more. NSI is a Belgian based company and, together with the UK company Cursor Controls, part of the discoverIE Group plc. We offer the most extended range of maritime keyboard and trackball solutions with IEC60945 certification in the world! This large standard product range is a big advantage, but we really make a difference with flexible custom solutions and personalized products. Even for smaller quantities. Do you know that NSI and Cursor Controls are the only companies offering IP68 fully waterproof trackballs? This patented design has already proven a huge difference in various maritime applications. Furthermore the development of custom and standard IP68 trackballs and scroll wheels is constantly being improved. Through the years, our reputation for quality has ensured that we have collaborated with some of the most visible names in maritime technology. You can see the usage of the NSI products in various applications: from yachts till submarines and from workboats till navy ships or cruise vessels. NSI stands for high quality technical solutions. Therefore we are proud to state our development of the GEN4 keyboard controller based on Cypress Infineon PSoC 4. For this USB keyboard controller full developments has been done in-house. This enables us to offer the greatest possible flexibility towards customer solutions. These are including: Large Switch matrix support;. Multiple key-technology;. Easy connection and processing of up to 7 bidirectional rotary encoders;. Led backlight control at individual key level;. Flexible trackball integration;. In-field reprogramming support via integrated boot loader.. At NSI we also offer a full service regarding testing and certification for IEC60945 / IACS E10 and MIL Standards like MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461. All the tests are exclusively done in collaboration with accredited test houses. In this way we unburdens our customers for the tests and certifications and assures them to deliver certified products. Furthermore NSI has an ‘open certificate’ for light customization for most of their standard products. This means that small changes, like another country layout, backlight change or adding a logo can be made without having to reapply for certification. Maybe a small change already might be the perfect solution for you? To this we can add that our company has all necessary mechanical and electrical design facilities available in order to meet specific customer requirements. This enables us to offer custom made products, for example: - Personalized sealed keyboard, branded with a logo;- Special shape or output;- A pointing device that fits perfectly into your own console, withstanding extreme temperatures;- Special requirements or a certification for certain applications or markets;- Or a complete custom made control panel. Our dedicated team of development engineers like to be challenged and the goals is always to deliver high quality custom products that meet all requirements. NSI regards close cooperation with their customers throughout the entire design and production process as the key point to a successful partnership and perfect solution. We can conclude that through these many years of experience, our high quality product solutions, the wide products range and the possibility for customization, we can fulfil our role as a trustworthy supplier in the maritime market.. Keyboards & pointing devicesfor the most demanding jobs.

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