Keyboards & pointing devices for the most demanding jobs

NSI is the keyboard & trackball specialist delivering reliable solutions for demanding applications in various industries, like f.i. marine, medical, construction, food, military,…

Whatever your requirements, whatever your application, we want to make sure our products will provide you with the highest level of control and accuracy. Besides a large range of standard products, our dedicated team of development engineers enables us to deliver optimum custom products fulfilling exactly your requirements, even for lower quantities.

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Standard Products


Industrial Keyboards

Industrial membrane, short travel or rubber keyboards. Sealed keyboards IP65 up to IP68. Standard or custom.


Pointing Devices

Complete range of high quality industrial trackballs and touchpads. Standard or custom.


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Marine & Military Solutions

Marine approved keyboards & trackballs Standard or custom. IEC 60945 certification. MIL spec.

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Solutions for all other markets

Any environment where a high quality input device is needed... General industry, medical, food, public access, agricultural, construction, machinebuilding, ...

38 mm ergonomic trackball

New 38 mm ergonomic trackball with scroll wheel. Completely waterproof, IP68.

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