Food keyboards

Solutions for the food processing industry

General features

  • Easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Hygienic design keybaords
  • Completely flat surface keyboard
  • Reducing the risk of cross-contamination
  • Sealing IP65 up to IP68, completely waterproof
  • Operating keyboards with gloves
  • Stainless steel housing
food keyboard with trackball

Food keyboard with trackball

  • All stainless steel enclosure 
  •  waterproof breathable membrane 
  • Hygienic design - optimized to reduce contamination
food keyboard with touchpad

Food keyboard with touchpad

  • All stainless steel enclosure 
  • Waterproof breathable membrane 
  • Hygienic design - optimized to reduce contamination
panel mount industrial keyboards

Panel mount industrial keyboards

  • IP65 or IP67 sealed
  • integrated trackball, touchpad or without  pointing device

adapted solutions food industry

Adapted keyboard solutions food industry

Contact us in case our standard keyboard needs a modification for your application.  Flexible custom solutions, also for smaller quantities.


Customer’s question : A touch screen seems to be the perfect solution for food applications, but it has limitations on ergonomics and usability. The combination of cold environments and 60 °C hot water for cleaning makes it a challenging environment. What can NSI offer to us ? 

Our solution:  We adapted two industrial keyboards to the harsh conditions that occur in the food processing industry. The housing is made of stainless steel, the seal is IP65. The keyboard is available with an integrated waterproof trackball or a touch pad that can also be operated with gloves. The integration of a waterproof breathable membrane on the back ensures a dry environment within the housing. Now offered as a standard solution.

Typical food applications

  • Food industry – automation
  • Breweries
  • Industrial bakeries
  • Vegetable processing plants
  • Meat processing plants
  • System integrators specialised in this market
  • Restaurant applications