IP68 trackball with scroll wheel

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The Worlds' first waterproof trackball range with integrated IP68 scroll wheel !  Easy scrolling & rolling throughout your applications, even in the harshest of environments.  This series is IP68 waterproof and uses the latest generation of optical trackballs.  What makes this product so revolutionary is the integration of an IP68 waterproof scroll wheel with click function.

  • IP68 sealed waterproof trackball
  • 50 mm waterproof laser optical trackball
  • IP68 scroll wheel with click function
  • Stainless steel for the various parts 
  • Best resistance in salty or greasy environments.
  • Easy maintenance  - removable ball

3D drawing on request.

Please send me the 3D drawing download for this product.

4 standard panel mount versions of the LTSX50 range

Front panel mount version with studs

Front panel mount with holes for countersunk M4 screws (not included).

Choice of carrier plate :

Blank stainless steel carrier or matt blackened stainless steel carrier.

General technical specifications

Sealing : IP68 waterproof
Carrier plate : Stainless steel
Ball diameter : 50,8 mm (2'')
Ball material : polyester
Weight : 0,6 kg
Lifetime trackballs : >= 2 million ball revolutions
Lifetime scroll wheel : 1 million operations
Lifetime switches : 3 million operations
Tracking force : nom. 50 grams
Output : PS/2 & USB Combo
Cable : 1 shielded, straight 1,6 m long
Operating temperatur : 0°C to +60°C
Storage temperature : -25°C to +80°C

Dimensions : 116 x 130 x 50 mm

Added silicone sponge gasket

A silicone sponge gasket is included with the module to ensure adequate sealing into the customers' panel or console and a cover plate on the rear side protects the components.  


Combo PS/2 & USB trackball units are supplied with a 1,6 meter long shielded straight cable ended by a USB type A plug.
An adaptor to PS/2 is added. No special device driver is needed, use standard available drivers of your operating system.

Special version on LTSX50 range

This trackball is also available with IEC60945 marine certification

see LTSX50-MC1 range

This trackball is also available with IEC60945 marine certification

see LTSX50-MC1 range

We can also offer a compact version of this trackball with 38 mm trackball

see MTSX38 range